We work to provide comprehensive

care and advice for our clients.

and support

In the soccer industry, the process of transfers, loans and movements is sometimes a fast-paced process. For this reason, at EB Agency, we choose to calmly focus on the full and honest analysis of our client’s sports plan.

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Our know-how in the international market has made us the choice of players, coaches and clubs in need of advice and an action plan that matches their situation and requirements for growth and improvement.

At EB Agency, we choose to be the muscle. We want to be the support that promotes the development of the sport, from youth soccer up to the professional levels.

We are the support and we accompany you according to your needs and aspirations; our knowledge of the national and international market will situate you on a favorable playing field, where you can make the most of your full potential.

We strive for the physical and emotional well-being of our clients, for which we have agreements with the best specialists in sports medicine.

*EB Agency acts as an intermediary under the parameters and licenses granted by the RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation), England FA, FIGC (Italian Football Federation) and FFF (French Football Federation), and in accordance with UEFA and FIFA mandates.

360º Management

At EB Agency, we believe that the professional development of our clients must have a starting and a finish line, a beginning and an end. To not lose sight of this objective, we provide you with the comprehensive management of any concern – sports or personal – that could make you take your eyes off the ball.

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We put ourselves in your shoes; our doctrine is empathy, and for this, we provide solutions delivered by the best professionals for every concern related to your professional activity, in terms of legal representation, wealth planning and tax consulting.

The paradigm of our work is to offer you a quality service built on reciprocal trust. We take you by the hand, every step of the way. We will always have advice for every doubt. For every need, a solution.

Action and
integration program

One of the founding principles of EB Agency is a strong commitment to identifying and advising talented players emerging from youth soccer. We currently continue with the wonderful challenge of recognizing and detecting precocious star players, subjecting them to thorough monitoring.

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For this purpose, we rely on the energetic commitment of a large part of our team and the absolute dedication demanded by the pace of competition.

We design action and integration programs for soccer players at the optimal and most profitable sports level for their future. The excellence of the agreements with clubs, the professional progress of our clients and the improvement of their contractual relationships are what sets us apart from the rest.

We take responsibility for taking you to where you need to be.