Passion and football

“We are a european agency with a global playing field”

We once read that: “Soccer arouses irrational emotions, a passion similar to the romantic love you feel when you are in love” (University of Coimbra).

EB Agency responds to a common sentiment, the passion for soccer.

And we admit it, we often feel this way.

Our agency was founded in Oviedo, a city that has undoubtedly influenced our origins, values and our way of doing things. From there, where it all started in 1997, we have traveled around all five continents.

We are managers, advisors, and talent scouts for both soccer players and coaches: a group of professionals whose mission is the comprehensive management of your tranquility with regard to your evolution in the sport.

We invest most of our time and know-how analyzing the situation, designing an action plan and laying out a path to optimize the contractual relationship with the club.

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Our work is vouched for by more than 200 clients and 1.000 operations

Our history and our success grows parallel to that of our clients. For emerging careers in the national market (in the case of both players and coaches), new business opportunities appear on the international market.

In 2002, we started down a successful path of transfers with the English market, a path we continue to follow today, with our headquarters in London. The internationalization of the business continued in 2003, with our first operation in the MLS.

2005 was a key year for EB Agency: we brokered the most expensive national transfer in history at that time. In it, Albert Luque, a RC Deportivo de la Coruña player, joined the English club Newcastle United in exchange for a record figure of €18 million.

Later, in 2012, we began operations in the Asian market. Since then, EB Agency has brokered an important number of transfers in Thailand, China, Japan and Australia.

These are just some of the highlights of our history, which together with a large number of operations (more than 1000 over the course of nearly 25 years), have made our agency a leader in the national and international soccer transfer market.